Links to Collaborators & Videos


Forestry & Agriculture Biotechnology Institute (FABI)

Bonello Lab, Plant Pathology – Ohio State

Andrew Storer, School of Forest Resoutces & Environmental Science – Michigan Tech

David Wood, Professor Emeritus, UC Berkeley

UC Strawberry Breeding Program

Michelmore Lab, UC Davis


What is Plant Pathology? (You Tube Video)

The Role of Recognition in Host-Parasite Interaction – Central Concepts of Plant Pathology (You Tube Video)
Judge’s Pick for 2010 APS OPRO’s “Central Concepts of Plant Pathology” category of the video contest. “The Role of Recognition in Host-Parasite Interaction” & 1st Prize winner in 4th Annual Video contest

Phytopathology Wants You! (You Tube Video)

Introduction to Plant Pathology